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Welcome to Wolfland!

Our server is focused on social. Bringing you many kinds of interactions with people.
We have for now few options for you interact with the other "wolves", but according with the suggestions received and the development of our "wolfpack", new topics will be launched.
Let's make a strong and huge wolfpack!
We have in our server:
  • Chat channel for socialization
  • News channel
  • Gaming channel
  • Channel with YouTube videos
  • Music channel
  • Sports channel
A little info about some of us
立華 かなで

Hello folks! I'm 立華 かなで (Tachibana Kanade) from discord and I'm part of the staff team in Wolfland.

Yes, I love anime and my favorite one is Angel Beats! Also I like to play games (LoL, Brawhalla, CS, BDO...).

 I'm 19 and currently I'm studying (trying to get into an University, medicine course) and my hobbies are programming or building random things.

See you later world!



Hey there, I'm Idaho from the discord server Wolfland.

I'm one of the creators of this server. I'm 17 years old from Bulgaria and I'm currently studying tourism at high school.

Some of my hobbies are playing games, watching movies and YouTube videos.

See ya and have fun in our server!

Dark Shadow Black Wolf

Hi! I'm james and apparently I'm a mod here, I'm somewhat of an inactive user due to university sucking my life away. But if you need any kind of help you can count on me, just send me a dm <3. I'm 20 years old and I'm a engineering/programming student that likes to draw digital art, play games and maybe watch some anime on my spare time. Hope you have a great time around here. xoxoxoxoxoxox


I was, once, a corrupted and swearing man. But now, as I have grown mentally, physically (getting fat, not fit) and spiritually, I've reborn.

You can count on me to provide mentorship on how to be more respectful, to swear/curse less, to be more respectful among your friends, peers, coworkers, etc.